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FYI ~ Comanche Flame has been included in Amazon's 100 Kindle Romances for $1.99 in the US Kindle Store, starting 1/​19/​2015 and running through 2/​20/​2015. Here's the


This is Eddie Little Sky
The inspiration for all my Indian heroes. He used to dance in the Indian Village at Disneyland.

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June 19, 2014

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Mandy's Old West News and Notes

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The Back Cover Copy says

Cathy Stevens is distraught when her parents announce they must move to a small town in New Mexico. Her only consolation she will be able to have her own horse. And on her first day exploring, a Horses for Sale sign grabs her attention.

Randy Lanigan, son of the bank president and ranch owner, most popular boy in high school, and star quarterback, shows Cathy the horses for sale and asks her out. Taken with her beauty and wit, he wants her for his next girl.

Shane Red Crow, an Apache who lives with his great-great-grandfather, returns to high school because of a promise made to his mother. Twenty years old, he is a loner with a bad reputation. He too seems to have a soft spot for Cathy.

When Cathy finds herself in trouble, will it be Randy or Shane whose sweet embrace she truly needs?


As of this writing, all of my Leisure and Signet backlist books have been published, either by Amazon or by EC Blush.

Also as of this moment, there are no new Baker books in the works. My publisher rejected FOLLOW THE LIGHTNING because it's a time travel book and they're of the opinion that it won't sell. Hopefully, my agent will be able to find a home for it

My three Lighting short stories - Catch the Lightning, Capture the Lightning and Seize Lightning are now combined in one volume titled LIGHTNING STRIKES. It also contains two Amanda Ashley stories, Sandy's Angel and Jessie's Girl.

The following books are now available in print ~

Reckless Heart
Reckless Love
Reckless Desire
Reckless Embrace
The Spirit Path
Under Apache Skies
Heart of the Hunter
Love's Serenade
Dakota Dreams
Cheyenne Surrender
Apache Flame
Hawk's Woman
Lakota Love Song
Wolf Shadow

A Darker Dream
Deeper Than the Night
Midnight Embrace
Embrace the Night
First Love, Wild Love

If you're an Amanda Ashley fan, her book, BEAUTY'S BEAST,is currently in stores. Her last Children of the Night book will be published in September 2015.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!


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