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May 14th
Night Owl Review Top Pick

Powerful and mesmerizing, this story puts Madeline Baker square on my list of authors to watch out for. I loved how Blue Crow and Kelly's love unfolded. Tender and filled with the pathos of their circumstances, it kept me flipping frantically, desperately curious to see how their love would end and whether they would get their happily ever after.

The juxtaposition of Kelly's relationship with Lee was well-done, with Lee's personal struggles and past ghosts clearly outlined. Despite his circumstances and his original plans, Baker portrayed him as such a sympathetic character that it was almost hard to pick between him and Blue Crow.

I would have liked to have had a little more background story on Blue Crow and some explanation of how he managed to exist for that long in suspension and how Kelly could feel him. Although the story stood pretty solidly without an explanation, having that little more would have made it a much better story.

I was very sorry to see the story end, but then Blue Crow just might be my new favorite character. I can't wait to see if there's any other stories from this author.

Hi ~ We have been busy, busy finding new covers for my reverted books. It's always exciting to see a new cover!!!!

I'm hoping to see WARRIOR'S LADY out soon. It was originally published under my Baker name, but since it's a fantasy, it's being reissued under Amanda Ashley, since she's now doing all the paranormal books.

If you're an Amanda Ashley fan, her latest paranormal romance, DONOVAN'S WOMAN, is now available from Kindle in print and eBook. She just finished the sequel, titled QUINN'S LADY. MOONLIGHT, another reissue, is also available.

Wishing you happy days and blue skies.


2015 Received the Romantic Times Booklovers Career Achievement Award in Paranormal Romance.

2013 NIGHT’S MISTRESS is the winner in the Fiction Romance category of USA Best Book Awards sponsoredby USA Book News

2012 BOUND BY BLOOD wins ACRA Heart of Excellence contest

2011 EVERLASTING DESIRE wins Best Paranormal in the Volusia Romance Writers Laurel Wreath contest.

2011 EVERLASTING KISS wins ACRA Heart of Excellence contest

2010 IMMORTAL SINS wins Best Paranormal in the Volusia Romance Writers Laurel Wreath contest.

2010 EVERLASTING DESIRE wins USA Book News Contest for best romance

2004 CALLIE’S COWBOY voted Best Silhouette Romance of 2004 by CataRomanceonline.

2003 MIDNIGHT EMBRACE won the Desert Rose Golden Quill for Best Paranormal

2002 CHASE THE LIGHTNING won the Aspen Gold Contest for Best Paranormal from the Heart of Denver Romance Writers

2002 CHASE THE LIGHTNING won the OCC Orange Rose contest for Best Paranormal

2002 CHASE THE LIGHTNING, won the Desert Rose Golden Quill for Best Paranormal

2001 AFTER TWILIGHT is voted Best Paranormal Romance by the readers of Loves

2001 AFTER TWILIGHT wins the online PEARL award for Best Anthology

2000 UNFORGETTABLE won the Orange Rose contest for Best California setting

1999 Romantic Times Career Achievement Award—Historical Storyteller of the Year

1995 THE SPIRIT PATH won the Paperback Trader’s Romance Readers Award for Best Indian historical for the second time.

1994 LOVING DEVLIN voted Best Indian Historical by the Puget Sound Romance Readers

1993 THE SPIRIT PATH won the Paperback Trader’s Romance Readers Award for Best Indian historical

1993 My hero, Jarrett, from WARRIOR’S LADY, was awarded a K.I.S.S. award from Romantic Times Magazine

1992 MIDNIGHT FIRE won the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence

1991 WHISPER IN THE WIND won Affaire de Coeur’s Golden Unicorn Award for Best Time Travel

1988 RECKLESS HEART, RECKLESS LOVE, RECKLESS DESIRE won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Best Indian Series


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