Madeline Baker

Tales of Western Romance

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Romantic Times said:
Madeline Baker is always a pleasure to read. This novel is written with warmth and a stark reality that marks all of Ms. Baker's Indian romances.

Posted on Amazon 5*****
This was my first Madeline Baker book, and it got me hooked. The love story between Shukaha Luta and Brianna was one of the sweetest and most romantic I've read in a long time, and really has stood up to be the best after countless other romances I've read. Brianna is an innocent 17 years old girl when she meets her Indian brave, who is a grown man of 30. But, he is imprisoned, and Brianna soon risks everything to free him. They fall in love almost from first sight, but it takes a few chapters for Shunkaha to look past her young age and realize she could be all women for him! After he makes the decision, he commits to her totally. Even after separations they remain true to each other, even after he is feared dead. They always reunite happily. Even after Shunkaha realizes the Lakota can no longer live as they once did and he has to adapt, they remain devoted. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and needs to believe that love does conquer all barriers.


Reissue Cover 2009

From the moment she caught sight of him working the road gang, Brianna knew the Indian was forbidden to her. He was a prisoner, a heathen, a savage male animal who would have no mercy on her tender youth and innocence. Yet one look in his dark, fathomless eyes told Brianna he’d captured her soul.


From the moment he escaped the white man’s chains, Brianna knew she must go with him. He was her life, her fate, and one touch of his sleek, bronzed body told her she wanted no mercy…only the pleasure she would find in his arms.