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Twilight Desires
Book 3 in the
Morgan Creek Series


September 2017




May 24, 2016



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Sequel to Quinn's Lady

Quotes for Amanda Ashley's books ~

Publishers Weekly said ~
“The enjoyable seventh book in Ashley’s Children of the Night series once again demonstrate her impressive talent for steady plotting, distinctive characters, and clever, inventive stories…The mix of romance and pulse-pounding vampire adventures makes for a fun and thrilling read from beginning to end.”

Maggie Shayne said ~
"Trying to decide which vampire novel to read? Pick one by a veteran, a pro, a master of her craft. Amanda Ashley writes circles around most scriveners, and I’m a long-time, card-carrying fan. If you want vampire romance by an author who’s written just about every kind of romance novel there is, (it’s the romance that counts, after all,) do not miss BOUND BY NIGHT by Amanda Ashley. Vampire romance the way it’s supposed to be written."

Christine Feehan said ~
"Amanda Ashley is a master storyteller."

Books by Amanda Ashley

Embrace the Night
Deeper Than the Night
Sunlight Moonlight
A Darker Dream
Midnight Embrace
A Whisper of Eternity
The Captive
Dead Sexy
Dead Perfect
Immortal Sins
His Dark Embrace
Beneath a Midnight Moon
Desire the Night
The Captive
Beauty's Beast
A Fire in the Blood

Shades of Gray Bk 1
After Sundown Bk 2
Desire After Dark Bk 3

Night’s Kiss Bk 1
Night’s Touch Bk 2
Night’s Master Bk 3
Night’s Pleasure Bk 4
Night's Mistress Bk 5
Night's Promise Bk 6
Night's Surrender Bk 7

Everlasting Kiss Bk 1
Everlasting Desire Bk 2

Bound by Night Bk 1
Bound by Blood Bk 2

Donovan's Woman Bk 1
Quinn's Lady Bk 2
Quinn's Revenge Bk 3

As Twilight Falls Bk 1
Twilight Dreams Bk 2
Twilight Desires Bk 3


Beneath a Midnight Moon
The Music of the Night
Midnight and Moonlight
Maiden's Song
Jessie's Girl
Sandy's Angel