Madeline Baker
Tales of Western Romance

Romantic Times said:
Madeline Baker has done it again! This romance is poignant, adventurous, and action packed.

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5-16-13 from EC Blush

Ruthless and cunning, Ryder Fallon could deal cards and death in the same breath. Yet when the Indians took him prisoner, he was in danger of being sent to the devil – until a green-eyed angel saved his life.


For two long y ears, Jenny Braedon had prayed for someone to rescue her from the heathen savages who’d enslaved her. And even if Ryder was a half-breed, she’d help him in exchange for her freedom. But unknown perils and desires awaited the determined beauty in his strong arms, sweeping them both from a world of tortured agony to love’s sweet paradise.


It was spring and all the world was in bloom, but the woman standing at the water's edge was oblivious to the natural beauty surrounding her. Her thoughts were troubled, her eyes sad, and a long shuddering sigh escaped her lips as she stared at the Indian lodges scattered across the valley floor.

Captured by Apaches! Once just the thought had made her blood run cold. But that had been two years ago; two long years since a dozen painted savages had attacked the
stage coach carrying her west to join Hank. The other passengers had been killed. At the time, she had considered herself lucky to be taken alive. But no more.

Her heart was heavy in her breast as she gazed at the high purple cliffs that enclosed the emerald valley like loving arms, their craggy peaks as impenetrable and confining as prison walls.

In despair, she raised her great green eyes toward Heaven and whispered, "Oh, God, please send someone to rescue me from these savages..."