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The back cover copy says ~
Shattered by grief at her fiancé’s death, lovely Katy Marie Alvarez decided to enter a convent. But fate had other plans. En route to her destination, the coach in which Kay traveled was attacked by Indians and Katy, the lone survivor, taken captive. Thus she became the slave of the handsome, arrogant Cheyenne warrior known as Iron Wing.

Quickened by desire that transformed hatred into love, both were soon ablaze with an erotic flame with neither time nor treachery could quench.


The back cover copy says ~
A remorseless bounty hunter, an impenitent outlaw, ad a renegade Apache boy – they made strange traveling companions for a prim, Boston-bred spinster like Matilda Thornton. But before the stagecoach could rattle its dusty way through dangerous Indian territory, Matilda would unpin her hair, roll of her sleeves and save the lives of all three.

She would risk torture, ravishment and capture by savages. And in the strong, bronzed arms of the most unlike suitor, she would lose her innocence, trade her virtue for a night of ecstasy, and discover a wild desire that rivaled the scorching heat of the prairie sun.


The back cover copy says ~
Ruthless and cunning, Ryder Fallon could deal cards and death in the same breath. Yet when the Indians took him prisoner, he was in danger of being sent to the devil – until a green-eyed angel saved his life.

For two long y ears, Jenny Braedon had prayed for someone to rescue her from the heathen savages who’d enslaved her. And even if Ryder was a half-breed, she’d help him in exchange for her freedom. But unknown perils and desires awaited the determined beauty in his strong arms, sweeping them both from a world of tortured agony to love’s sweet paradise.


The back cover copy says ~
He was a hard-riding, hard-drinking drifter, a half-breed who had no use for a frightened white girl fleeing an unwanted wedding. He told himself he needed only the money she offered to guide her across the plains, but half-way between Galveston and Ogallala, where the burning prairie met the endless night sky, he made her his woman.

Now she was his to protect, his to cherish, and he would allow no man – white or Indian – to come between them. There in the vast wilderness where his desire had ignited hers, he swore to change his life path, to fulfill the challenge of his vision quest, if only he could keep her love.


The back cover copy says ~

When beautiful Rachel Halloran took Logan Tyree into her home, he was unconscious, a renegade Indian with a bullet wound in his side and a price on his head.

To Rachel he was nothing but trouble, a man whose dark sensuality made her long for forbidden pleasures.

To her father, he was the answer to prayer, a gunslinger whose legendary skill could ride the ranch of a powerful enemy.

But Logan Tyree would answer to no man…and to no woman. If John Halloran wanted his services, he would have to pay dearly for them. And if Rachel wanted his loving, she would have to give up her innocence, her reputation, her very heart and soul.


Back cover copy
Lacey Montana was alone in the world except for her father, so when he was sentenced to twenty years in Yuma Prison, she had no choice but to follow the prison wagon. The long trek across the plains had barely begun when things took a surprising turn: Indians attacked the wagon, kidnapping her father and leaving behind only one prisoner still alive.

Part Apache, part gambler, Matt Drago was no angel, but he swore he was innocent of any crime. Lacey was frightened by the savage intensity she saw in his dark eyes, but helpless and alone, she offered to tend Matt’s wounds if he would help her find her father.

Stranded in the burning desert, desperation turned to fierce passion as they struggled to stay alive on their dangerous journey. Matt longed to possess his beautiful savior body and soul, but if he wanted to win her heart, he’d have to do it Lacey’s Way….


The back cover copy says ~
Beautiful and hot-headed, Caitlyn had vowed to hate all Indians until the day she died. After all, weren't they the ones responsible for the senseless massacre of her beloved brothers? But when she gazed into the defiant eyes of the half-breed her father was planning to hang, she knew she couldn’t let an innocent man die.

She wanted to scorn Stalking Wolf as the other townsfolk did, but his proud bearing won her respect and his hard body drew her like a moth to the flame. In his bronzed arms, she would forget her vow of hatred, forget propriety, forget everything but his searing kisses and the burning ecstasy of forbidden fires….


January 2013


The back cover copy says ~
It was a land where a man could ride for days without seeing anything but fragrant pines, an occasional deer, or a lone eagle soaring in the limitless blue sky...a land where the Indian still roamed wild and free, a land that drew together two lovers to embrace a passionate destiny neither could have foreseen...

Accustomed to the ways of the white man, he returned to his tribe in search of a vision quest, to share with his people the glory and heartache of the last golden days before the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and to find the beautiful woman who haunted his dreams

Sheltered and innocent, she shared every civilized woman's fear of the Indian, until she was kidnapped by the darkly handsome Cheyenne. Slowly, her disdain changed to desire beneath his hard, bronzed body, until she would make any sacrifice to keep him by her side forever.


Two time winner of the Paperback Trader’s Romance Readers Award for Best Indian historical

The back cover copy says ~
The Medicine Man
Strong and wise beyond his years, Shadow Hawk was the spiritual leader of his people, but he had seen a troubling vision that even he could not understand.

The Spirit Woman
Beautiful and infinitely desirable, she seemed to beckon Hawk away from the Lakota, drawing him to an unknown place where passion and peril prevailed.

The Path of Love
Together despite all odds, Maggie and Hawk discovered a shared destiny that would conquer time itself and unite them body and soul.


The back cover copy says ~
She had the face of an angel and the body of a temptress. Her innocent kisses said she was still untouched, but her reputation said she was available to any man who had the price of a night’s entertainment.

Callie’s sweetness touched his heart, but the whole town of Cheyenne knew she was no better than the woman who’d raised her - his own father’s mistress. Torn by conflicting desire, the handsome half-breed didn’t know whether he wanted her walking down the aisle in white satin, or warm and willing in his bed, clothed in nothing but ivory flesh.


The back cover copy says ~

Kidnapped by Indians ten years ago at the age of seven, Teressa Bryant had no memory of her parents or her life in San Francisco. Known as Winter Rain by the Lakota, she is on the verge of marrying a Lakota warrior when a handsome stranger rides into the village.

Half-breed Chance McCloud, known as Wolf Shadow among the Lakota, has been hired by Teressa’s parents to rescue their daughter from the Indians. The attraction between Chance and Teressa can’t be denied and soon he’s torn between his need for the reward offered by Teressa’s parents, and his need for Teressa.


The back cover copy says ~

Hallie McIntyre intended to take her vows and live a cloistered life until she found a wounded stranger lying in Sister Dominica’s garden. The man was tall and strong, his skin the color of old copper. Against her better judgment, Hallie agreed to hide him from her Sisters and nurse him back to health.

John Walking Hawk was a half-breed determined to find justice. When the law refused to hunt down the men who had slaughtered his family, John took the law into his own hands. Now he was on the run, wanted for exacting the justice that had been denied him.

They were two people who never should have met. Now, because of a twist of fate, Hallie found herself trading the serenity of the convent for a different and far more dangerous life, risking solitude and freedom to follow her heart.


The Back Cover copy says ~
The desperate convict…
Wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, Nathan Chasing Elk has never lost hope of avenging her death and reclaiming his lost daughter. His only chance is to break free from prison—but with his escape comes a grave injury that threatens his own life.

A prisoner of love…
Catherine Lyons is struggling to maintain the family ranch in the wake of her parents’ untimely death. When Nathan shows up on her property, badly wounded and close to death, Catherine provides him with sanctuary.

Their Dakota dream…
As they grow closer, Catherine offers Nathan more than the healing of his body and mind. She agrees to join him on his journey into Lakota territory to avenge his wife’s death. But as they trek through the dangerous west they discover a passion just as untamed—one that will change their destinies forever…


The back cover copy says ~
A Daring Rescue
When Kaylee Matthews finds a wounded Lakota warrior on her family's property, she knows she must help him - even though it means concealing him from her watchful stepfather. As she secretly tends to the stranger's injury, Kaylee feels a powerful attraction to this handsome, mysterious man - one that opens her eyes to an entirely new destiny...

A Forbidden Desire
Alone and weakened in the land of his enemy, Blue Hawk is determined to return to his village. Every moment he stays with Kaylee, the risk of discovery grows - but so does his desire for his lovely rescuer. She is his only hope of getting back to his people alive, and when she offers to come with him, he can't refuse...

A Divided Land
Kaylee and Blue Hawk's shared passion soon sparks into an all-consuming love. But in a land divided by hatred and fear, it will take all of their courage to protect the future they cherish.


The back cover copy says ~

When a rugged stranger darkens the door of her family ranch, Martha Jean Flynn can tell right away that Ridge Longtree is nothing like the other cowboys who usually show up in search of work. For in the eyes of this raven-haired, half-Indian loner, Martha sees a hint of danger, the depths of sorrow—and the tiniest spark of untold passion.

Indeed, tragedy forced Ridge Longtree to leave the Apache stronghold at a young age. But when Martha’s father is murdered and Apaches kidnap her younger sister, he cannot bear to see her distraught. Reluctantly, he agrees to lead her to the stronghold to save her sister. But somewhere along the jagged mountain trail, the two discover a passion that threatens to set their hearts aflame—and endanger their mission of rescue...Under Apache Skies

Romantic Times said: Baker writes with excitement. Her characters are exhilerating, adding lots of spark to her well-developed, fast-paced plot.


The back cover copy says ~

With a drunk for a father and an Apache woman for his mother, it was little wonder that the town looked down on Mitch Garrett, all except the preacher’s daughter, Alisha Faraday. Over time, their friendship turns to love, but lies told by their parents eventually drive Mitch out of town.

Years later, Mitch returns to find that his love for Alisha is as strong as ever. But as their love ripens, secrets from the past come to light, threatening to again drive them apart.



You may have heard of me, John Jacob McKenna. I had quite a reputation as a fast gun back in the early part of the 1870's. I killed Red Wade and Curly Jack Turner, and a score of other men whose names and faces I can't recall.
Some folks wonder how I sleep nights, what with all those dead men on my conscience, but none of them ever caused me a moment's regret. Red Wade was nothing but a greedy s.o.b. who wanted to own all of Southern Arizona, and Curly Jack Turner was just plain no good. As for the others, most were just ambitious kids out to make a name for themselves. Only I got the big name, and all they got was dead.
Of course, that's all behind me now, and I'm back where I began. Sitting here, watching the sun rise above Mo'ohta-vo'honaaeva, the sacred Black Hills of the Cheyenne, my mind goes back in time, back to the beginning....


The back cover copy says ~

Kelsey St. James is a city girl through and through, unable to understand her grandfather's fascination with the old West. She likes Starbucks and Donna Karan and would've made a lousy pioneer. It's too bad, then, that she manages to step through a portal in time that takes her back to the old West - and straight into the arms of a tall, dark stranger.

T.K. Reese is a half-breed gambler with a price on his head. The last thing he was looking for was a woman, let alone one wearing tight, bright pink breeches. But before he knows it, he's looking after Kelsey, teaching her to play poker and rescuing her from thugs.

Somewhere along the way, they find themselves falling in love. But Kelsey doesn't belong in Reese's world any more than he belongs in hers. They're forced to face the possibility that their love is nothing more than a shadow through time.


As with all Madeline Baker books, the plot and pace of Heart of the Hunter flowed almost effortlessly, drawing me in and leaving me so emotionally engaged with the characters I had to stop quite a few times to wipe away tears. How Kelly dealt with her love for both men showed how strong her character was. I definitely had mixed feelings about Lee. His love for Kelly was obvious even though cloaked in myriad emotional wounds that were still in the process of scaring over, but I loved how tender and understanding Blue Crow was with Kelly. He was always there for her - and for Lee - when they needed him.
Reviewed by Merrylee


The Reckless Series ~ Romantic Times Reviewers Choice
Award for Best Indian Series

Book 1 in the Reckless Series

The back cover copy says ~
Hannah and Shadow had played together as children. He taught her to fish. She shared her mother’s cookies with him because he had no mother of his own. Then, abruptly, Shadow and his people left the valley. When he returned, Hannah was a beautiful young woman and Shadow was a full-fledged warrior of the Cheyenne Nation.

Their friendship quickly turned to something much deeper and Hannah found herself falling in love with the handsome man who swept her into his arms, awakening within her a fierce longing she had never known.

But there was talk of war between the whites and the Cheyenne, and Hannah knew Shadow would be considered the enemy. When Hannah’s homestead is attacked, Shadow comes to her rescue. Though their love grows stronger, Hannah fears the day when she will be forced to choose between his world and hers.


Book 2 in the Reckless Series

The back cover copy says ~

Joshua Berdeen was the cavalry soldier who had traveled the country in search of lovely Hannah Kincaid. Josh offered her a life of ease in New York City, and all the finer things.

Two Hawks Flying was the Cheyenne warrior who had branded her body with his searing desire. Outlawed by the civilized world, he could offer her only the burning ecstasy of his love. But she wanted no soft words of courtship when his hard lips took her to the edge of rapture ... and beyond.


Book 3

The back cover copy says~

"You say you love my daughter. I forbid it! You have no right to interfere in her life so long as she is bound to another!"

So spoke the great Cheyenne warrior Two Hawks Flying, and Cloud Walker knew his harsh words were only too true. Serenely beautiful, sweetly tempting, Mary was tied to a man who despied her for her Indian heritage, but that gave Cloud Walker no right to claim her soft lips, to brand her yearning body with his savage love. Yet try as he might, he found it impossible to deny their passion, impossible to escape the scandal, the soaring ecstasy of their reckless desire.

Romantic Times said: "This is the kind of wonderful, heartwarming tearjerker readers have come to expect from Madeline Baker. Like Rosanne Bittner, she makes you laugh and cry as the lovers triumph over prejudice and vengeful enemies.
Maria Ferrer.


Book 4

The back cover copy says ~

Some folks said they were just two kids who should never have
met-a girl from the wrong side of town and a half-breed who was
determined to make his mark on the world. Their families had fought on
opposite sides at the Little Big Horn; there could be no future for them
in a little Western town where time passed slowly and memories were

But when Black Owl looked at Joey he saw not a pretty tomboy in
faded denim, but the most beautiful girl in the world. And when she
pressed her lips to his, she wasn't making the biggest mistake of her
life, as her gran claimed; she was finding her way home. In each
other's arms, they found a safe haven from a world where hatred and
ugliness could only be conquered by the deep, abiding power of
courageous love.

Romantic Times Bookclub said: Rich in Native American lore and family life, this romance returns us to the characters so beautifully crafted in Ms. Baker's previous books. Her romances are filled with passion, portraits of courageous people, rich characterization and excellent plotting. This is no exception. Enjoy!
Evelyn Feiner


Short Story
Sequel to Capture the Lightning


Short Story
Sequel to Chase the Lightning


Love's Serenade is a compliation of two stories - Loving Sarah and Loving Devlin - previously published by Leisure Books, and republished by EC Blush.



The back cover says:

The West - it had been Loralee’s dream for as long as she could remember, and Indians were the most fascinating part of the wildly beautiful frontier she imagined. But when Loralee arrived at Fort Apache as the new schoolmarm, she had some hard realities to learn..and a harsh taskmaster to teach her. Shad Zuniga was fiercely proud, aloof, a renegade Apache who wanted no part of the white man’s world, not even its women. Yet Loralee was driven to seek him out, compelled to join him in a forbidden union, forced to become an outcast for one slim chance at LOVE FOREVERMORE.


The back cover copy says ~

FIRST LOVEFrom the moment she caught sight of him working the road gang, Brianna knew the Indian was forbidden to her. He was a prisoner, a heathen, a savage male animal who would have no mercy on her tender youth and innocence. Yet one look in his dark, fathomless eyes told Brianna he’d captured her soul.WILD LOVEFrom the moment he escaped the white man’s chains, Brianna knew she must go with him. He was her life, her fate, and one touch of his sleek, bronzed body told her she wanted no mercy…only the pleasure she would find in his arms.


The back cover copy says !

The stallion emerged from the swirling mist, sunlight dancing on its white coat, glinting like liquid silver in its flowing mane and tail. It was a spirit horse, Trey had been told, one that would always carry him away from danger. And if ever he'd needed such an animal, now was the time. With a bullet in his back and a posse on his trail, he wouldn't last long unless
the words of his Apache grandfather came true.

From The Law
Amanda couldn't believe her eyes when the beautiful white stallion appeared in her corral with a wounded man on its back. Dark and ruggedly handsome, the stranger fascinated her. He had about him an aura of danger and desire that excited her as her law-abiding fiancé never could. But something didn't add up: Trey seemed bewildered by the amenities of modern life; he
wanted nothing to do with the police; and he had a stack of 1863 bank notes in his saddlebags. Then one soul stirring kiss made it all clear. - Trey
might have held up a bank and stolen through time but when he took her love, it would be no robbery, but a gift of the heart.



The back cover copy says ~
“He is the most frightening, handsome man I have ever seen”

Although these words had been written in another time, in another woman's diary, Kathy Conley thought they described Dalton Crowkiller perfectly. He was the kind of man a woman would sin for, die for, if she could only keep him in her arms.

But the dangerous half-breed belonged to the untamed West, and he'd been claimed by another woman long ago. Time itself would keep him and Kathy apart...until he was given one last chance to change the course of his life. Together, they found there was no past, no future, only the wonder of the present, the raw, aching desire between them, and a fierce love that could be satisfied, but never quenched.


The back cover copy says ~
Black Wind
He gazed out over a land as vast and empty as the sky, praying for the strength to guide his people, and he saw her face. She came to him in a vision, a woman as mysterious as the new moon over the prairie, as tender as springtime in the Paha Sapa. And he knew his life was changed forever.

She saw his face in a faded picture, and his eyes, restless as the wind, seemed to call to her. It was said he’d been hanged nearly a century ago for kidnapping a white woman, yet his story seemed unfinished. To the writer in her, he was an inspiration, but to the lonely woman within he was a dream come true who would lure her across the years to fulfill a love beyond time.


The back cover copy says ~
An outlaw, a horse thief, a man killer, J.T. Cutter wasn’t surprised when he was strung up for his crimes. What amazed him was the heavenly being who granted him one year to change his wicked ways. Yet when he returned to his old life, he hoped to cram a whole lot of hell-raising into those 12 months no matter what the future held.

But even as J.T. headed back down the trail to damnation, a sharp-tongued beauty was making other plans for him. With the body of a temptress and the heart of a saint, Brandy was the only woman who could save J.T. And no matter what it too, she’d prove to him that the road to redemption could lead to rapturous bliss.

ROMANTIC TIMES said, Madeline Baker’s newest paranormal romance is about a man who has been on the wrong path so long that he doesn’t know the right one when he stumbles upon it. It takes the courage, faith and love of a good woman to finally uncover the wonderful person beneath. Readers will rave about Madeline Baker’s extraordinary storytelling talents.

AFFAIRE DE COEUR said, Baker brought the Wild West to life in this blazing story of love and danger. There is always a touch of sadness and desperation, and the ending is nerve wracking and explosive.


Winner of the OCC/RWA Orange Rose Contest for Best California Setting
USA Today Bestseller

The Back Cover Copy Says ~
The last thing Shaye Montgomery needed was another man in her life. Especially a gambler who had been hanged a hundred years before she was born. But Alejandro Valverde wouldn't leave her alone. As she walked the deserted streets of a California ghost town, his image seemed to rise up out of the misty night. On the faded pages of a saloon girl's diary, his exploits came to life. And in her dreams, he was all too real - his hair long and black, his lips full and sensual, his dark, dark eyes filled with a predatory gleam.

Then, incredibly, she was drawn into his world, a world where bad men, showdowns and gambling halls had replaced the park rangers, TV shows and malls she knew. Now when she looked into his eyes, she saw a kindred soul, knew that what she needed most in the world was to share a love that was truly UNFORGETTABLE.



The back cover copy says ~
Half-Indian bounty hunter Jesse Yellow Thunder is ready to put away his guns and return to his peaceful Cheyenne village when a $10,000 bounty falls into his lap.

Kaylynn Summers flees her abusive husband, only to be captured by Indians and made a slave. She feels safer as a slave than as a wife, until Jesse arrives at the village. He frightens her with his scarred face and cold hard eyes, yet there is somthing about him that attracts her.

Jesse knows Kaylynn is trouble the minute he sees her. The "little red fox" escapes him twice. He is determined to return her to her husband and collect his bounty until he learns about her husband's abuse. He then agrees to deliver her to her parents.

But Jesse really wants her for himself. He is a man of violence, while she is a New York debutante. He has no roots; she has a husband. There seems to be no future for them, until the strength of their love builds one.


The back cover copy says ~
Handy with six-guns and fists, Creed Maddigan liked his women hot and ready. But the rugged half-breed wasn’t used to innocent girls like Jassy McCloud who curtsied and made ginger snaps. Then Creed was falsely jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, and he could think of nothing besides escaping to savor Jassy’s sweet love.

Alone on the Colorado frontier, Jassy could either work as a fancy lady or hope to find a husband. But what was she to do when the only man she hoped to marry was a wanted renegade? For Jassy, the decision was simple: she’d take Creed for better or worse, even if she had to spend the rest of her days dodging bounty hunters and bullets.


The back cover copy says ~

He was a loner, a drifter, a fast gun whose aura of dangerous virility turned pretty heads all across the West. But if his reputation as an outlaw didn't warn decent women awy, his Comanche blood did.

He saved Jessica's life out on the desolate plains, then made her a willing captive of his savage desire. But even when he had left her behind to rejoin his people, Jesse found she could not forget him. Safe and respectable once again, she longed for her once-in-a-lifetime love, and knew she would give up everything for just one more night of ecstasy with the man called Dancer.